The GOP politic is being driven by tea-party enthusiasm and on November 6, Obama's assault on white America will come to an end - but not for the reasons many suppose.

<<<< With the help of Sarah Palin,  tea-party favorite,  Ted Cruz becomes the odds on favorite to add to tea-party power in the Senate.  

Post Conclusion:   The colonial vote remains the single largest voting block in America.  Spend four years poking fun at its supporters and you come up "The Biggest Loser."  Don't believe me?  Wait 'til November 6th.  

Can Obama's “Chemical Warfare” Keep The White Vote Down?    The 2012 president election, boiled down to its remaining variables, is about two things: (1) white voters who voted for Barrack Obama last time and have since grown disillusioned and, (2) white voters who stayed home in 2008 rather than vote for John McCain but may vote this time. The Obama campaign's goal is to make both groups stay home rather than vote. It's not a "negative campaign" they're running. It's purposefully toxic.  . . . . . .    

Problem:  if the writers at BuzzFeed are correct,  Obama’s strategy for securing the white vote has already failed,  and it is not because the folks are “white.”  It is because white folks tend to be much more traditional as to our American heritage.  A large percentage of Hispanics are Mexican much more than they are American.  In saying  “a large percentage,”  I mean 15 to 25 percent.  Blacks were written out of the constitution, early on,  as were native Americans,  women, and non-Christians.  These folks tend to be more "anti-colonial" than the larger population.   The saving grace in all this, written into the Declaration and, subsequently, the Constitution and its amendment process,  were/are the words,  “all men are created equal.”    Our history, as violent and tragic as it has been, at times,  over the years,  is nothing other than a coming to terms with that concept.  The civil war was fought over this issue (equality for all) ;  the political war for women’s suffrage was rooted and grounded in the notion of equality for all and, the list goes on.  

Speaking as an old, white guy who grew up in California,   I can tell you that my prejudices have nothing to do with race.  I would not “run” with folks who had those inclinations . . . . . . . .  period.  I am a tea-party member and an evangelical Christian.  There are extremists in both those camps and I am not represented by them.  In fact,  if or when their opinions become the acceptable opinions of the day,  I am gone or I am in the middle of the fight to push them out  --  kind of depends, at the time,  on who has the biggest gun.  

But the point of this post is not about me.  Rather,  it is about the fact that most whites are not driven by racial prejudice.  And it is this voting [white] block,  in 2012, that will determine this election’s outcome.

In 2008,  Hussein won election with the help of 41 million whites who voted for him compared to 16 million black votes, nearly eight million Hispanic votes and a sprinkling of votes in the remaining ethnic demographics. 

Surprising to you?  I mean,  with all the talk of the importance of the Black vote,  the Hispanics,  and on and on,  the single largest source of votes for Barack Obama, in 2008,  was the cracker vote. 

But that voting block,  41 million in toto,  has devolved into a 25 million cabal,  and Barack cannot win in that reality.  Understand that his margin of victory in 2008 was 9.5 million votes.    Currently,  the white vote,  by its lonesome,  sinks his chances for continuing his destructive agenda for this country  --  and it is the belief that he is destroying this nation's foundational principles (not race bias) that is driving ‘whitie” away and in droves. 

In the headlined excerpt, above,  what is not mentioned is the fact that 5 million conservatives stayed away from the 2008  polls,  not in rebellions to the candidacy of a black  man,  but in full rebellion to the GOP.  

I wrote an article before that famous election,  in which I expressed my total disgust with the compromising ways of Establishment Republicans.  Most of us [conservatives]  remembered McCain from the 2004 primary season and his expressed angst with  evangelicals and the politically Right within the party.   The continued spending of a well thought of  George Bush,  the march to a more socialized political economy,  the growing antagonism of the party's Establishment leadership against the more conservative elements within the party,  all of this had reached a boiling point by 2006.  Many conservatives did not vote in that election,  and,   if you remember,  the GOP lost the midterm election, with the House and Senate both “going over” to the Democrats.  Party conservatives had fired a warning shot over the bow of ship “Establishment,”  and,  like the British of old,  the [big] Wigs within the party,  decided to continue to ignore us.     I  ended that article with these words,  “If our opinion no longer counts,  if the conservative bias is no longer shared by our leadership,  try winning the next election without us.”

The selection of Sarah Palin was the first indication that party leaders realized that the conservative membership was going to stay home  ----  in one of the most critical elections of our time.   The tea-party is feared, today,  and is driving the conservative politic,  because we mean what we say  --  ignore us and we will ignore  the GOP,   NO MATTER WHAT the political threat.  The Boehners and McConnells of this world know their limitations and are the more conservative because of it. 

To suggest,  as does the BuzzFeed article,  that Obama might win over those who stayed home or those who did not vote for him is a wholly ignorant assumption,  so far removed from reality as to be laughable.  In short,  “ain’t going to happen.”  

They did not stay home, in 2008,  because of Barack Obama,  but because of the GOP.   This election continues to be about the reconstruction of the GOP and nobody is staying at home come November 6th.