Obviously, the very liberal editorial staff made the decision to publish this cover and, in so doing, captured the frustration of us all.

Pollsters fear that 30 to 40 million Americans will not be voting in the coming election and 70 percent of these folks supported Obama,  wanted him to succeed,  some desperately so. If this is a true estimate,  Obama has already lost the election and the results  (again "if this scenario" is accurate) will be devastating for the Progressive element within the Democrat Party.  Remember,  he spent nearly a billion dollars to win an election by just 7%  (9.5 million votes).  He has told the white vote to kiss off along with the Catholic vote,  the small and large business voting block,  the whole of the banking industry,  the oil and coal industries and their unions.  He is embroiled in at least 14 scandals,  one of which includes the deaths of two border agents,  another (the security lead scandal) responsible for the untold deaths of secret agents,  still another for responsible for the deaths of 23 members of Navy Seal Team Six,  shot down in retaliation for the killing of bin Laden after Obama announced the identity of this secret special ops force.