If Sarah is happy, the tea-party is happy. Get this picture in your head and know that this crowd is a Palin Bachmann DeMint/Tea-Party crowd. We finally got what we want! Now, we have to work for its success.

Pic taken from Drudge.  You are looking at 13,000 folks

<<<  Here is what 13,000 Wisconsonianites look like at a Romney rally.  Can you see Romney in this pic?

Update:  our headline references a gathering in North Carolina on Saturday (August 11).  Sunday evening,  in Wisconsin,  the Romney/Ryan team presented themselves to a crowd they hoped would number three or four thousand.  13,000 showed up.  

Bad news for Obama,  a man whose campaign team is worried about filling the Bank of America stadium during their national convention in September.  In fact,  the man could not fill a room with donors.  Over the weekend,  Obama spoke to an assembly of donors about half the size as hoped for.