Have you noticed, Ryan's selection has changed the narrative in this election cycle? And Obama thought he could escape his own record.

Medicare Findings: President’s Healthcare Plan a Drag on Medicare Issue for Underperforming Democrats.  With the selection of Paul Ryan, campaign debate and coverage over the past two weeks  has focused on Medicare – an issue that has traditionally favored Democratic politicians  by overwhelming margins.  Republicans  have historically trailed Democrats on healthcare issues by margins in the high teens  and low 20’s.  A March 2009 survey done by the Winston Group found Democrats  with a 29-point lead on healthcare.  But this  survey found that those margins have shrunk considerably and on a number of healthcare/Medicare policy positions, Republican solutions are either on par with those of the President and his party or in some cases  viewed more favorably particularly when put in an economic context.  This survey found that Democrats held a 1 point advantage on the generic ballot and a 6  point advantage on Medicare.   For Republicans to break even on these issues  is a major shift and the survey shows that the issue Democrats  have counted on as a reliable driver of voter support in past elections, is being overwhelmed by the economy . . . . .  (Winston Group)

Editor's notes:  for the past several months,  I have been saying, "Fear not,  the economy will be at the center of the coming referendum on Obama's term as president."  Because of the statistical information in the  report from the Winston Group,  we have more reason to believe this assumption to be true.  

Today,  the Obama campaign touted the loser,  Bill Clinton,  in a campaign ad that urged voters to stick with the Obama plan as he,  Obama,  continues to "rebuild America from the ground up."  Such hyperbole is not only unnecessary,  it is an idiot's declaration.  The nation does not need to be "rebuilt from the ground up"  and Clinton would be hard pressed to detail exactly what he even  means in stating such nonsense.  It certainly was not something he was committed to during his administration.  

At any rate,  in the end,  Obama is going to have to answer for his alarming and comprehensive ineptness as a national leader.  He is a smooth talking bully from Chicago and nothing more.  

Jeffrey Immelt,  CEO of G.E, and Obama's "job czar,"  has recently spoken of his disappointment with Obama in a New York Post article:  

 Friends describe Immelt as privately dismayed that, even after three years on the job, President Obama hasn’t moved to the center, but instead further left. The GE CEO, I’m told, is appalled by everything from the president’s class-warfare rhetoric to his continued belief that big government is the key to economic salvation.  Or, as one friend recently put it to me, “Jeff thought he could make a difference, and now realizes he couldn't.” 

And the point of this post?  To confirm that Obama has nowhere to hide.  Even his "friends" see his ineptitude.  This election will be about him and beginning with the GOP national convention,  that will become crystal clear.  

The wrath of Kong is about to be unleashed and then we can finish the political extinction of the current ruling class.  That will be a process that extends well into the future.  

Understand that if Romney and the New GOP can turn things around,  we have eight years to separate ourselves from the global agenda of the anti-colonialists among us.