Forget "Superman." There is a new super-hero in town and she intends to "get the job done."

Can you believe this:  folks are actually criticizing our First Lady for her manner of dress?  

Understand that these losers are critical simply because she is hot looking and influential,  no matter her manner of dress.  

In fact,  there are plenty of pictures "out there" that show a heavy breasted Palin,  a woman "proud" of her cleavage;  photos taken from backstage and between her legs. They have missed with the woman's hair,  and even pushed her "screech" to ear-busting decibels   

Who cares what they think?  Currently,  she is 4 for 4 with her endorsement of tea-party candidates and continues to be the point guard for The Movement.  Because of her [in large part],  the tea-party is alive and well,  faithful to tea-party concerns.  

If Romney picks someone (for VP) like a Marco Rubio, a Paul Ryan, or Portman from Ohio,  Sarah will have "won."  With such an appointment,  Romney will be telling the tea-party,  "I mean business about balancing the budget."

Understand that the tea-party cares more for fiscal responsibility than it does about "winning,"  and that is what makes them such an irresistible force.