As many as 40 million who voted for Obama will not vote in the coming election. Not probable, but definitely possible according to this report.

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

Take a second and locate the speaker at the podium.  You are looking at the third night of the Democrat National Convention.  At center stage is a man named Artur Davis. You are looking at the moment he "seconds" the nomination of Barack Hussein Obama.  It was a big deal for him and a historic moment in American history. 

Four years later,  Artur Davis will be presenting one of the keynote speeches at the Republican National Convention.   His disappointment in Obama,  one that mirrors  some 40 million 2008 Obama supporters*,  is both palpable and equally historic.  

Over the past few days,  Donald Trump has been hinting at "something big" coming down the pike.  Well,  here it is.  
Davis back in the day when he believed
in Obama's hyperbole and rhetorical perversions.

What is exciting for me is the fact that we are witnessing a monumental structural change in the Republican Party.  It has returned to its roots,  and is growing a minority contingency, to boot.  Wonderful. 

Artur Davies adds himself to an awesome collection of fine minority GOP leaders.  Understand that there is no future for an aging, white dominated GOP.  Sorry,  but that is not in the cards. 

Even John McCain has effectively observed that we are watching a transition within the GOP,  a metamorphosis,  if you will.  A new century is well under way and the GOP is making the changes needed to remain a leader in the national political narrative.  

Not the case within the Democrat Party.  It has turned to a extreme radicalism that encourage violence,  the circumvention of free speech,  the abolition of state rights,  the end to borders and a national inclusion in a one world system of governance and wealth redistribution. 

Welcome aboard,  Artur Davis.  See you at the convention. 
End notes and confirmations:  

*        Gallup, here,   discusses the 6% disparity between Obama supporter and the growing horde of GOP supporters.  

Politico, here, reveals a decline in Democrat registration of 800,000 voters. 

And USA Today, here,  tells us that as many as 90 will not vote in the coming election  -  up from a normal 40/50 million traditional total.  Of this 90 million it is believed that some 30 to 40 voted for the Slickster in 2008.