Why is the media NOT criticizing the Senate for refusing to vote for any of the 33 repeal laws sent to it by the House?

While the compliant media is all over the House for “wasting time” in taking a 33rd vote against ObamaCare,  someone should note that Harry Reid has refused to allow Senators to vote on the same issue an equal number of times.  Understand that it would take only 51 votes to repeal this law and the GOP has 47 of those votes.  The fact of the matter is this:  it is most likely that the ObamaCare Tax Act would already have been voted down,  had Reid allowed the Senate to do its Constitutionally sanctioned job.  

Understand that if the Senate voted on the exact wording of the 2700 page law,  many believe that only 51  votes would be required,  not the 60 so many claim to be the case. 

Whatever the reality,  the fact is, Harry Reid refuses this vote and has done so 33 different times.  Clearly he fears the outcome.  As mentioned above,  it is entirely possible that this tax law would have already been stricken down if the Senate had allowed a vote on any of the 33  repeal propositions approved by the House and sent to the Senate for an up or down confirmation vote.  

Understand that Reid canceled 6 different scheduled Senate votes,  in 2010,  before stacking the deck and allowing that one,  final vote.  On any of those six occasions,  the reform bill would have failed !!!!    

ObamaCare is law ONLY because of a momentous abuse of legislative power by the radicalized Democrat Party. Those who passed this bill into law should have been arrested and put on trial,  rather than being allowed to run free in the halls of congress,  to lie and cheat on another day.