Romney leads Obama by 8 points in the Swing States according to CNN and NBC !!

The National Review comments on two polls,  one of which is I review in the following post (on the scrolldown - the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll).  If these two polls do not represent an anomaly of some sort,  Obama is losing big time,  in the Swing States.  In both  the NBC poll and CNN,  he is down 8 points and analysts agree that this election is all about the so-called “swing states.” 

You should know that "national polls" do not count for much in the world of election predictions. As an anecdotal example,  if California's vote for Obama is down by 10%, the state's electoral votes will still go to Obama.  Conversely,  if his numbers are up by 10%,  his elective victory is precisely the same.  Gore won the popular vote,  in 2000 and lost the election.  Of course,  the commies on the Left decried this outcome,  arguing that the election was  "clearly not democracy at work."  But,  of course,  that was not true.  

Our form of democracy is "representative" or  "republic" in form  as opposed to a dictatorial democracy (Venezuela) or a parliamentary socialist democracy (much of Europe) or a direct form.    Understand that a pure democracy does not allow for the opinions of minorities,  "democracy" being the rule of the majority.  Nowhere in this world are minorities given more clout,  than in the United States of America.  The New Socialist Democrat Party here in the United States,  along with several national labor unions,    prefer to rule as a solitary collective, in a dictatorial state.  Such is not conjecture, but a conclusion drawn from its conduct over the past four years.  Understand that the day this nation moves away from a democratic republic and leaves behind the electoral college,  that will be the day that national conservatism died as the historic ideology of this great nation.  Only traitors to the historicity of this country,  oppose the current voting standards used since the beginning of our republic.  

Since I brought up the Gore/Bush election, you know,  the one Socialist Democrats continue to whine about 12 years later, I hasten to point out that if Gore had won his home state of Tennessee or Clinton's home state of Arkansas,  he would have been president.  Florida did not cost him one stinking thing  --  losing in his home state was the problem.    

Conclusion:  without regard to all the name calling on both sides of the aisle,  and the effort to fundamentally  transform this nation into a European style, socialist democracy,  current polls show that the American people have tired of this failing effort and are ready to return to a more typical national conversation.   

From the National Review: 
President Obama remains marginally ahead of Mitt Romney in a new national CNN/ORC International poll released on Monday, although Romney leads Obama in the 15 states identified by the network as battleground states.
Obama leads Romney nationally, 49 percent to 46 percent, with 4 percent of those surveyed saying they would vote for another candidate or neither candidate. That is inside the poll's margin of error, and it is identical to the 49 percent to 46 percent lead Obama had in the previous poll, conducted in late May. It is also similar to the latest Gallup tracking poll, which shows Obama leading Romney by 5 percentage points, the president's high-water mark from a survey house that has been less favorable to him thus far during the campaign. That lead among registered voters is Obama's largest in Gallup since April.

However, in the 15 states CNN calls its battleground states — Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin —  Romney leads Obama, 51 percent to 43 percent. Notably, though, the CNN/ORC International group includes three states thought to be comfortably in the Romney column this cycle: Arizona, Indiana, and Missouri.

A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey contained a subsample of voters in 12 states, not the same 15 in this new survey. The NBC/Wall Street Journal did not include the aforementioned trio of states where Romney leads in the polls. It showed Obama leading in its 12 swing states by 8 points. (full article found here)