Probably not a favorite with TEA Party folks - Condoleezza may be a better choice than we conservatives might think. Here is why:

<<<< Introducing  Dr. Condoleezza Rice,  a professor at Stanford, a concert pianist, a long term and successful Secretary of State, and a proven team player.

Last month,  the Romney campaign held a private, closed door, fundraiser.  Secretary Rice was one of the speakers,  and, as it turned out, one of the most noteworthy.  Her speech was just 13 minutes long,  but in that brief period of time,  she managed to bring her name to the forefront as a VP consideration.   Why?   Well,  for starters,  in her speech,  she expressed serious concern with Obama’s inconsistencies as a partner to many of our allies:

"When our friends aren't certain that they can count on us — and they aren't so certain now — and when our foes don't fear us or respect us, this is what you get: tumultuous, dangerous chaotic times." 

Wow.  Based on these words,  Condi would support a military build-up as well as a qualified military presence in the world.  Her words,  also,  indicate that she is critical of Obama’s Israeli/Arab policy or lack thereof. 

BuzzFeed has an audio of the her speech but it is most difficult to understand.  BuzzFeed described her speech as  “forceful and surprisingly partisan,”  a performance that  “won her two standing ovations from the gathering of big-money donors and GOP elite.”  You can read the full BuzzFeed article here.  

Personally,  I do not believe she will be the nominee for VP,  but,  with this report,  I do believe she would be a team player within a conservative Romney Administration.  She was an excellent Secretary of State under Bush and worked well as a Bush insider and adviser.