Obama claims free market capitalism has never worked. And, some buy into this nonsense.

 <<<  Sometimes, he just sounds like a Dufus.  Thank God he never looks like one.  Here is one of those occasions

In a recent campaign speech,  we have this one minute clip in which Obama ignores more than 200 years of American history and charges that decades of free market capitalism did not work nor "has it ever worked."  Of  course this is a preposterous lie and those who applaud this nonsense have no clue as to the workings of a capitalist society,  but, for the time being,  it is the ignorant who are in power and ruining running this nation.  

With this statement,  we know that Obama is clearly anti-capitalist and  out of touch with historic realities as he continues to fantasize about an economy that [mysteriously] works from the “middle out,”  something he said in one of his speeches this week. 

Understand this:  there is no alternative to top/down wealth distribution.  There is no other way to finance a nation.   As our only "alternative,"  so-called trickle down economics  works when one collects enough money to invest in a business, assume capital risk,  produce and market a product and pay his employees out of sales revenues.  There is no alternative to this whatsoever.  None.  Not in Red China;  not in Silly Russia,  not Socialist Europe,  nowhere.  

Because there is no alternative to free market capitalism at some level,  I offer this question, one that, consequently,   has no answer:  what does Obama mean when he speaks of an alternative economy that works from the  “middle out?”  I am guessing that he thinks taking money from those who actually earn wealth and giving it to those who will,  in turn,  spend it as fast as we can give it to them,  is somehow helping the economy in ways never considered before his ignorant self came onto the scene. 

Anyway,  he is stupidly wrong,  and we cannot afford his blustering nonsense   another day,  much less for four more years.     Understand that everyone [Left or Right] admits that we are the richest country in the world.  240 years ago,  we were among the poorest.  So how did we get where we are,  amassing all this wealth,  growing from nothing to greatness, before and without the help or advice of the financial morons that have taken over our government, today?  How did we do that?  Answer:  free market capitalism, OF COURSE.