Obama's campaign is dead in the water if this Quinnipiac is the case through election day.

Obama cannot win re-election if this particular poll result remains constant through election day. 

In 1980,  Walter Mondale lost to Ronald Reagan in one of the most one sided election of all time.  I believe Mondale won just one state.  Mondale’s approval with the white working class was 31%.  Today,  with nearly 10% fewer whites voting (but still more than 70% of the electorate),  Obama’s rating with white men is 26%. 

A few months ago,  this supposed “campaign genius”  let it be known that he was ignoring the white working class male for this campaign year.  Before this is all said and done,  this bigoted Novice may wish he had never made this strategy a matter of public knowledge. 

He doesn’t care for the good old boys of this nation,  but he is not going to win without them.  

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