Obama's approach to covering "the 30 million" is the same as Mitch McConnell - Medicare IS state administered care.

Yesterday,  Chris Wallace asked Mitch McConnell,  “What are you going to do about the 30 million Americans now covered by ObamaCare?”  Even Mitch missed the most effective reply.  While he argued that this was a states issue,  he missed the opportunity to point out that these 30 million are “covered” because they have been moved onto the Medicare/Medicaid  roles and Medicare is a managed by the individual states!!!.

Understand that we did not need the ObamaCare Tax Act to insure these 30 million,  we only needed an order for coverage sent to the Medicare folks,  which is exactly what Obama did. There was no need for 160 new federal agencies or a 100,000 pages of regulations and medical orders issued by folks  not qualified as medical personnel.  

Never mind that the 30 million were/are covered already as they flood ER facilities throughout the nation.  Nothing has changed in that regard,  by the way.  Our ER facilities will continue to be inundated with the poor and illegal’s.

In the end,  this notion that ObamaCare was needed IN ADDITION TO MEDICARE, is an outright lie.  We have been played, folks.