Here is why Obama's attacks on Romney's outsourcing does not matter.

Understand that Mitt Romney managed an equities firm.  His genius helped businesses such as Burger King,  Sports Authority,  Home Depot, Staples to either stay in business or continue their growth projections.  80% of these businesses were successful,  generating more than 82 billion dollars in revenues (all of which was taxable).

Did these businesses send jobs overseas?  Of course.  Was Romney responsible for these decisions?  Of course not.  He was a lender to these companies,  not an owner or manager.

Understand that there are those who are researching Obama’s own outsourcing history as you read this post. My guess is that well over 400,000 jobs have been outsourced using Obama's stimulus policies.  

We are well on our way to that 400,000 with just one Obama benefactor.  We turn to Jeffrey Immelt,  Obama’s job czar and head of GE.  His company employs 300,000 folks but only 131,000 of those jobs are in the United States of America;  169,000 are overseas. 

‘Nough said.