GOP/Democrat voter enthusiasm levels are nearly identical to those of 2010.

As of July 22, the current 51% to 39% Republican advantage in voter enthusiasm is slightly larger than the 53% to 45% GOP advantage Gallup measured in February of this year.

In 2010,  this enthusiasm margin favored the GOP and in historic measure,  59 to 44 percent -- a 15 point margin.  Need I remind the reader as to the end result of that election?    Something that many commentators overlook is the fact that the divide reflected in the enthusiasm gap was consistently high for most of the 2010 campaign.  Gallup gives us this fact here

While none on the Right dare jump to conclusions,  still,  there is no reason to believe things are going badly for the GOP and Mitt Romney.  

Returning readers know that I have long predicted a one sided election.  I continue to believe that to be the case.  There will be no late-night vigil, reminiscent of the Gore/Bush election.  Time will tell as to my pretense at foretelling the future.  Back when I was 25 years old,  I was positive I would never see "60."  I wouldn't say I was "dead wrong" on that score,  but,  here I am,  still writing and thinking at age 67.