Wisconsin ended two Socialist Union attacks on state gubernatorial leaders.

Group ends Michigan recall effort after Wisconsin results

Herald Times Reporter - 
A group seeking to recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced Thursday that it has ended the effort following Gov. Scott WaBourgeoisielker's victory in Wisconsin's recall election. The group called Michigan Rising said it would stop collecting signatures . . . . . . 

Editor's notes:  Rick Snyder is a pro-life Republican with a healthy business background, newly elected as Governor of Michigan in November of 2010.  He won with  whopping 58% of the vote.  In that election, the state House flipped for the Republicans and the state Senate increased its majority.  Within weeks of being sworn into office,  the labor unions in Michigan began a recall.  The effort failed, miserably.  Since the first of this year  (2012),  the unions mounted a second effort at recall,  but ended that effort this week,  following the Democrat/Socialist Union debacle on June 5.  Understand that in both Wisconsin and Michigan,  recall efforts were based upon the immaturity of Democrat Party leadership and their refusal to accept the election results.  Both recall efforts began well before the governors in either state had accomplished anything other than being sworn into office.   

Snyder's approval ratings beginning with a troubling 19% after a two month barrage from Democrats,  last year,  has risen to 41% and continues to show improvement.  

Clearly,  "the people" expect improvements in the individual economies and are willing to support those candidates that appear to cause success  --  at least that is how things seem to work,  across the nation with the exceptions of California and Illinois.