Tomorrow is the Walker recall election. Was it a huge mistake for the socialist unions involved? Time will tell.

Scott Bauer / AP

<<<<<   Wisconsin was among the first states in the Union to go "union."  It is also, the home of the Republican Party.  

In the most recent Marist poll,  Walker is polling ahead of his opponent by 7 points.  He beat this same individual by 5 points in the midterm election of 2010.  In that year,  only 12% of small business owners throughout the state of Wisconsin believed the state was on the right track.  Today,  that number has risen to a startling 94% .  Walker has taken the state from a 3 million dollar deficit  (its 16 billion in the commie state of California, where I live),  to a second year budget surplus, all without raising taxes or laying off a single state or public employee.  

He is being recalled because a.) he is not a Progressive Socialist and b.), because he opposes union control of state, county and district budgets.  He has cut "collective bargaining,"  a socialist trick to support the worst performers in a factory or a service union, out of the negotiations process for legacy programs (benefits and retirement packages).   The union still have access to collective bargaining when it comes to wage negotiations, however.  

Under Scott Walker,  unions must "certify" each and every year.  That means,  their members must vote their approval of the union and their willingness to remain in the particular union . . . . . . . . each year.  And,  the State no longer collects mandatory union dues.  Dues are paid by willing members,  or they can quit the unions.  

Think about this.  The socialist unions in Wisconsin, have spent 17 million on the current recall election (Walker and his Lt. Governor) in addition to 10 million recalling four state Senators and a State Supreme Court justice.  They lost two of the four Senate recall elections and the justice recall election.  

In addition to this pathetic record,  union membership has been decimated during this recall election cycle.  The  American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees  --  the state’s second-largest public-sector union has lost 54% of its membership,  dropping from   62,818 in March 2011  to 28,745 in February of 2012.  

And, as if all of the above was not enough bad news for the Wisconsin Socialists,  the year long electoral  failures of the Socialist Democrat Party in Wisconsin has brought the  state back into the presidential mix.  While the state has not voted "GOP" since Ronald Reagan,  the 2000 and 2004 elections went "Democrat" by just  5,500 votes and 11,000 votes,  respectively.  Of course it went for Obama,  big time,  in 2008,  but reversed itself in 2010,  handing the Obama Democrats their worst defeat in three decades  --  all state elections going Republican (the Governor, Lt Governor,  both state houses and even, Russ Feingold's long held Federal Senate seat were lost to the GOP in the 2010 "wave election").  

 Sidebar:  Think "socialist" is mere Smithson hyperbole?  Think again,  by little red friend.  In an article proudly detailing Wisconsin's union heritage,  a direct line is draw from its original union population and the Socialist Progressive Party:  

Out of that tragic event came the development of a viable Socialist movement in Milwaukee and the resulting elections of community leaders that would leave a positive mark on the state’s largest city. Meanwhile, “Fighting Bob” La Follette’s Progressive Party came into power in the state. (red the full article here). 

If these socialists lose the election on Tuesday,  the entire election cycle will have been one of the most costly in American history and one of the poorest performances in recent Democrat Party memory.  In the end,  this election just might be responsible for the defeat of Barack Hussein Obama.  

Update:  The latest "scandal,"  a complete fabrication by the Socialist unions opposing Walker,  was debunked in this new release: 

Daily Kos:
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