The Supremes say "yes" to a partnership between the Feds and the States. Obama says "no" and his decision trumps the High Court . . . . . something wrong with that picture.

,<<<<<    Obama has chosen to make an election year issue out of immigration.  Understand that "immigration concerns" ranks 5th with the general electorate and 5th with the Hispanic population.  Bet you did not know that.  Also,  this notion that immigration is as "broken" is simply untrue.  Disagree??   If so,  it is only because you do not know that last year,  700,000 new Americans were sworn into citizenship.  Want to be an American  -  go stand in line.

Prior to the Obama Administration and its practice of selective lawlessness,  we had this description of the 287g program,  by ICE, itself :  

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the largest investigative agency in the Department of Homeland Security, enforces federal immigration laws as part of its homeland security mission. ICE works closely with federal, state and local law enforcement partners in this mission.

The 287(g) program, one of ICE’s top partnership initiatives, allows a state and local law enforcement entity to enter into a partnership with ICE, under a joint Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).  The state or local entity receives delegated authority for immigration enforcement within their jurisdictions.

As of mid-day, June 25,  the above description and the Federal/States  partnership it represents  -  since 1996 – is being taken down,  at least as it regards the State of Arizona.  We have this report in the Washington Times: 

The Obama administration said Monday [June 25]  it is suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws, and said it has issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona police.    Administration officials, speaking on condition they not be named   [they are afraid of the very people they serve in the Obama Administration] , told reporters they expect to see an increase in the number of calls they get from Arizona police — but that won’t change President Obama’s decision to limit whom the government actually tries to detain and deport.    “We will not be issuing detainers on individuals unless they clearly meet our defined priorities,” one official said in a telephone briefing.

I have included the map, above,  to document the relative enormity of the the 287g program.  Today,  because of the malfeasance of the High Court and the anarchy of the Obama Administration,  Obama has decided to strike back at the State of Arizona,  to punish the state,  if you will,  for its opposition to the innate lawless of his 

As a sidebar,  that which seems to be hoot, in all this,  the arrogant opinion of Obama with regard to the approval of Section 2B by the High Court.  He disagrees with the Court's finding of constitutionality as regards this section of the Arizona law.  What proves Obama to be arrogant and ignorant as to the US Constitution,  is the fact that all presiding members of the Court including Sotomayor,  approve of the Arizona law at this point without exception.  There vote of approval was 8 - 0.    Understand that Section 2B provides for the partnership with the Federal government that Obama is now refusing to honor.