The number one and number two Leftist fantasies are: Biden might be president, someday; Elizabeth Warren might be president someday. [see the video]

Arianna Huffington,  Van Jones,  Putz Krugman
and the babe,  Elizabeth Warren (maybe a new
hairdo would help this millionairess. 
Van Jones was Obama’s “Green Czar” before Glenn Beck exposed Jones as a one-time card carrying Communist  (10 years a member,  seriously). 
In this clip,  Van Jones pushes the notion that  Elizabeth Warren may become the nation’s first woman president.  

You should remember that Van Jones is the same fellow who predicted that Occupy would morph into a national "third party,"  complete with a full roster of candidates and campaign offices in each of the 50 states . . . . . . all by June of this year  (that would be NOW, folks).  

Understand that hope for broad national acceptance is central to the fantasies of the Marxist Left.  Van Jones,  the Obama's,  Eric Holder, Elizabeth Warren,  the economist, Paul Krugman,  the Congressional Black Caucus, and a host of white One Worlders,  all misinterpreted the 2008 elections.  It wasn't about the "death of conservatism," as they had hoped.    I remember Chuckie Schumer declaring "the end of 'traditional values' and national defense" as he celebrated the death of Conservatism in the days immediately following November 2, of 2008.    Turns out,  the voters were enthralled with the Obama rhetoric and nothing more.    In the end,  however,  he would be judged on the basis of his accomplishments and his sense of direction for this country.    At the center of Van Jones' comment in this video,  is this unrealized hope  that the Marxist/One World Left has turned the corner and is now in control of the national politic.