The Day A Political Phenom Died - June 8, 2012.

<<<<  Rest In Peace. Barack Hussein Obama's Political Career, June 8, 2012.  

“The private sector is doing fine.   Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy, have to do with state and local government -- oftentimes, cuts initiated by governors or mayors who are not getting the kind of help that they have in the past from the federal government and who don’t have the same kind of flexibility as the federal government in dealing with fewer revenues coming in.”  -  B Obama, June 8, 2012.

Editor’s notes:  we all just might look back on June 8 and Obama’s morning news conference as the very moment he lost the 2012 election.  What can anyone say about Obama’s quoted words,  above?

Understand that he was elected to the U.S. Senate in November of 2005 and began serving his six year term in January of 2006.  Before the end of that year,  his first year as Senator,   he had decided to actively work for a presidential run.  By the spring of 2007,  Obama had an economic team in place [Romer, Bierstein, Geithner , Summers, to name a few] , taking time from their full-time duties to help Barack craft his plans should he win the 2008 election. 

He is the Liberals gift to America, and,  once again,  we realize how illogical,  idealism can be.  Only the Clintonians within the Democrat Party cared about “experience” or saw a problem with running a total novice for the job of president.  This idiocy of their criticism against Sarah Palin and her 15 years of political experience, framing her as “unqualified to serve as VP because of ‘lack of experience’ ” was and is highlighted by their nomination of someone they found walking the streets of Chicago. 

To make an argument that is summarized in the statement,  “The private sector is doing fine,”  proves the point of his utter incompetence.  Never mind that he had to reverse his opinion just three hours later . . .  same day.
Take it to the bank,  this statement will be quoted time and time again, during the coming 5 months.  Understand that McCain said something similar,  during the 2008 campaign  (“The fundamentals of the economy are good”),  a statement from which he could not escape,  a statement that played a central role in his defeat. 

Ditto Obama’s June 8 comment.