Sooner or later, evil men meet their end - Holder's may come sometime next year.

Two contempt citations were passed through the House on Thursday with votes including 17 Democrats. One was a criminal contempt which was declined by the Solicitor General just hours ago (Friday).  No surprise there.  The second was a civil action and that will proceed into civil/Federal court,  where Holder will be required to surrender some the documents he wants kept secret.   The investigation will not impact the election except as it presents a corrupt AG office to many voters.  Make no mistake, however,  if Obama survives the election,  this bit of corruption will become one of the principle news stories of Obama's next term.  Nixon prosecutors did much the same thing,  as far as time-tables are concerned,  and he was forced into resignation during his second term.  In the end,  this election will be about the economy  -  not this scandal,  not Obama's passed cocaine use,  not ObamaCare.  All of the above will play a role,  no doubt,  but nothing is more important than the state of the economy and the selection of someone who actually knows what he is doing.  

Here is the rather shocking news of the day:  

So Elijah Cummings along with Eric Holder knew of top secret details concerning Fast and Furious as of May 24.  Not only that, this information was the result of an approved wire tape that signed by several assistant Attorneys General.  Either these individuals were acting on their own,  or they were acting under Holder’s oversight (at least).  Whatever the case,  it appears that Holder was lying about what he knew and Cummings has been aware of this for several weeks.   Anyone still think this is a partisan witch hunt ???  

Issa Puts Wiretap Details in Congressional Record
1:53 PM, JUN 29, 2012 • BY DANIEL HALPER
Roll Call reports the latest news in the Fast and Furious scandal: 
In the midst of a fiery floor debate over contempt proceedings for Attorney General Eric Holder, House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) quietly dropped a bombshell letter into the Congressional Record.
The May 24 letter to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), ranking member on the panel, quotes from and describes in detail a secret wiretap application that has become a point of debate in the GOP’s “Fast and Furious” gun-walking probe. . . . . . . .
According to the letter, the wiretap applications contained a startling amount of detail about the operation, which would have tipped off anyone who read them closely about what tactics were being used.
Holder and Cummings have both maintained that the wiretap applications did not contain such details and that the applications were reviewed narrowly for probable cause, not for whether any investigatory tactics contained followed Justice Department policy.