Six reasons why we know that "family planning" will soon include the abortion of selected gender.

Can you believe it?  Planned parenting now includes not only the deaths of unwanted family members,  but the selective deaths of unwanted family members.  

<<<<<   This picture is the heart and soul of this post.  NBC is the worst of the "Big Three,"  by far and away,  but there is a marked complicity with cBS (note the small "c") and ABC.  

"Keep Abortion Legal" is the issue I want to highlight in this post.  

A week and a half ago,  a "gotcha" video was aired in the "alternative media," exposing Planned Parenthood's willingness to help in a "gender based" abortion,  the "client" wanting to abort if her unborn if  "that" was a girl.  While those at Planned Parenthood pretend "gender bases abortions  are abhorrent to them,  we all know this is precisely where the abortion lobby is getting ready to go next.  How do I know?  

Because we anti-abortionists have not been wrong in any of our predictions.  

1. Back in the late 1970's, we were told that abortions were intended for consenting adults --  only;   under-aged girls were not in view.  In fact,  when pro-lifers charged abortionist death squads with moving to include minors,  they were ridiculed and laughed at.  Turns out they - the pro-lifers -  were right all along.  

2.  When the world of the 70's was told that legal abortions would be used,  in a primary sense,  to protect the health of the mother,  Lifers screamed "liar, liar."   They were accused of being conspiratorial and,  even, "out of control."   Turns out that, in 2010,  more than 1.2 million infants were aborted for no other reason than the recreational needs of the "mothers".  

In other words,  1.2 million unborn were destroyed "just for the hell of it."   

3.  When those who cherish life accused the abortion lobby of working to disengage minor girls from parental control,  again,  they were ridiculed and made fun of.   Turns out, once again,   they were right,  all along. 

4.  When the protectors of life criticize Planned Parenthood for using federal funds to practice abortions,  the people are told that the "business" of Planned Parenthood involving abortion constitutes only "3%" of its business.  They forget to tell folks that this "3%" equals 400,000 abortions per year.  Turns out,  critics were right all along. 

5.  When Lifers charged the death lobby with moving to include abortions after week #21,  the abortion of "late term" but "viable"  unborn, we were called "liars" and "wingnuts" and misguided."  Turns out that Lifers were right all along.  

6.  When those charged with protecting the innocent unborn accused the abortion lobby of supporting the murder of those infants surviving an abortion attempt,  they were framed as disgustingly insensitive to the truth and the health of the mother.  Obama voted for this practice as Illinois Senator.  In the end,  it turns out  that this practice is fully approved by those who favor abortion.  We were right all along.  

Gender based genocide is the next step for these immoral bigots  -  and "we" will be found to have been right "all along,"  as well.   

The "gotcha" video????   c  --  BS gave the video 18 seconds of time, last week.  ABC and NBC completely ignored the story.   The omission could not be defended, except for the blatant bias of those two news agencies.  Of course,  in time,  "we" will be proven to be right,  in our suspicions.  We have yet to be wrong about these people and their "cause."