Only three days remain in this month, for a decision on ObamaCare.

We now know that the High Court will not announce its decision on ObamaCare today, as announced by the Court at 10 am, today  -  just moments ago.

Thursday of this week,  will be the next time set for release of the High Court's decision(s).  Next week, Monday and Thursday will, again,  be the times we will look to for this decision.

We are assured, however,  that this decision will come before the end of the month.

Did Justice Ginsburg, last week,  give us insight into the possible decision,  when she complained of the high degree of tension felt among the Court's nine justices?  I believe that it is much more likely that her comments were more a complaint as to the pending decision  than a "rejoicing."

As a sidebar,  you should know that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has announced her retirement from the Court,  in 2015.