Only those without faith see a major problem with Romney's Mormonism. After all, we are not voting for the leader of First Baptist or the Pope; we are voting for a president, finally.

Study: Liberal Anti-Mormonism On The Rise

The left have turned against the faith since 2008, according to a new study, spurred by Romney and same-sex marriage.  BuzzFeed/June 13

Americans' aversion to voting for Mormons has spiked since Mitt Romney's first presidential bid in 2007 — and that the people most wary of Mormon candidates are not Evangelicals, but rather political liberals and non-religious voters, according to new research from a leading scholar of anti-Mormon attitudes.
The overall increase in anti-Mormon attitudes among liberals may be an unanticipated consequence of the "the continuing candidacy of Mitt Romney and Mormon activism against same-sex marriage," the study suggests. And its findings may be alarming to the Romney campaign because among the study's other findings is that voters' perceptions of Mormonism are closely tied to whether they'll vote for him. . . . . . link to article

Notes:  what is missing, here,  but mentioned in the article,  is the fact that those who are turned off  by Romney’s Mormonism are those who have no faith to begin with.  Who cares about that ?  I couldn’t care less about the faithlessness of the unbeliever . . . . . . . anymore than she cares about me.  Obama has already gone out of his way in his opposition to traditional Christian expression.  His assault against Christian doctrine (over the conscience issue surrounding abortion) is clear,  and he will pay a toll for this idiocy at the voting booth.  His decision to force Hosanna Lutheran Church into hiring an unbeliever into its ministry program was defeated by the Supreme Court . . . . . .by his Supreme Court,  nine to nothing,  in the early Spring of this year.  His refusal to offer a commencement speech under the banner of “Jesus” is proof to this editor that he is no more a Christian than is a worm a horse. (see the article at CNS here)  

Point of post:  in the end,  we know this:  Romney’s Mormonism  will not cost him the presidency.