Obama waits for seven months to declare "executive privilege." OF COURSE THIS IS A COVER-UP !!!

Issa pushes ahead with Holder contempt vote despite Obama intervention
Issa's subpoena was issued in October of 2011.  
Understand that Obama has implicated himself in this crime  --  and it is a crime, not a “witch hunt” as the more ignorant in Congress are now claiming.  Understand that Border Patrol Agent,  Brian Terry AND Custom Control Agent,  Jamie Zapata,  were killed with guns coming out of Fast and Furious. 
No, this is no “witch hunt” and the crooks involved in this  scam need to be rooted out and made to pay for these murders. They certainly do not deserve a second term.  

You should know that Darrell Issa has threatened to proceed with contempt charges,  in spite of this bogus claim to  “Executive privilege.”  House leadership is in private session,  as I write this post,  working on the situation.    If nothing else,  this needs to be ridden into election day.  

Brian Terry's mom is on a rampage,  as of this morning, she has accused Holder of being a shameless participant.  There is no much to follow,  but, for certain, the Obama cover-up has just shifted into high gear.