Let's not forget that today we remember D-Day.

<<<<<   June 6, 1944,  Omaha Beach.  

Just know that every man in this picture was scared out of his mind, but each dealt with that fear as he conquered this beach head  at great loss of life,  and won the war.  America could not have won this war along (?),  but, certainly,  Europe would not be free, today,  without the sacrifices of our soldiers. 

This time in 1944,  my brother,  21 years my senior,  had landed on this beach head and fought through France into Germany.  He was in the First Army Corps of Engineers.  He survived until 1987 and used his Army experience to work as a carpenter until the day he died.  He was a messed up son of a gun  --  a case of beer every night after work and three packs of Pell Mells  every day.  He never talked about the war,  but I believe he was among the first to enter the death camps in Germany.  Imagine,  a 21 year old kid,  walking into one of those death camps and rescuing some who were still alive. Add to that reality the fact that he survived the war when all in his company died except two other men.   Understand that all of his "drunks,"  were angry drunks.  I believe that at the center of that anger was a sense of shame for being a "survivor."  Deep down inside,  Charles had to wonder,  "Did I survive because I was faster at jumping into a fox hole? " 

Anyway,  this very day,  my brother's willingness to fight for this country,  and the fact that I have not done a single thing,  in my life, that comes close to the sacrifice of my brother,  are the reasons why I am as involved in this fight to take back my (our) country as I am.   

Salute to all those who fought and died for the great country.  Our fight is because of your sacrifice.  

Thanks to Zion Trumpets, the blog.  The blog is hard core conservative with some great info to be shared with others.