How's Obama doing against Romney? Great, if you're a Romney fan.

Obama did not experience any "bump" in his polling with the stunt he pulled on Friday,  to circumvent Congress and give a limited amnesty to a select group of "illegals."  While most agreed with his decision,  comparatively few believe that he should make such decisions on his own.  No one wants this man as a dictator.  

But more than this,  no one wants a crook for a president.  Obama's decision to implicate himself in the Fast and Furious scandal, yesterday,  has already backfired.  The associated chart shows a sudden drop in Obama's campaign stats,  and I believe this has everything to do with yesterday's  scandalous "executive privilege" declaration.  If not,  and the news of this presidential decision did come late in the day,  then,  the sudden downturn may have more to do with a general epiphany as to his failed policies.  A full 70% of this nation believes the country is headed in the wrong direction.