Here is what happens in our White House, when the press is not looking and the gays move into the place.

This babe,  a Queer Nation activist,
blames Reagan for aides and appears to
be most unhappy about the event. 
 June 15,  Friday,  the same day Obama offered temporary amnesty to a small group of Hispanic illegals,  he held a first ever, White House Gay Pride reception.  As reported in the Philly Post,  the assembly of Queer Nation types,  ate gourmet sandwiches (canapes), caviar and crab, and danced to the music of a Marine band,  brought into the White House by their Commander And Chief.  A number of guests spend the evening bashing Ronald Reagan,  whom they blame for the aides crisis that surfaced in the early 1980's.   

In fact, the event was such a disgrace,  that Obama had to issue this apology. Understand that this apology came a full week after the event,  itself.  Obviously,  Obama was fine with event until the media found out about it. 

UPDATE 6/22 9:30 p.m.: According to Fox News, the White House has issued a statement rebuking some of the behavior described in this article: “While the White House does not control the conduct of guests at receptions, we certainly expect that all attendees conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Most all do. These individuals clearly did not. Behavior like this doesn’t belong anywhere, least of all in the White House.”

At the event,  a transgendered "man,"  proposed to his real-girl partner.   Understand that while playing dress-up is an accepted childhood practice  ( you should see a couple of my grandkids  !!!!!!!),  it is rather silly when grown-ups decide to get serious with dress-up.  It is even more ridiculous when mature minds think this is normal adult behavior.  Want to play dress-up?  Fine.  Want to say you are a woman when you are really a man,  O.K.  But paleeeeze,  stop telling the world this is normal behavior. I mean,  what if you decided to cut off all of your digital extremeties,  peepee, arms and legs,  and went around telling folks you were a telephone pole?   I will wager you one thing,  the argument you use to explain why that is abnormal behavior will be the same argument I could use in a discussion about "transgendered" types.