Another of Sarah's Chosen, won his primary, Tuesday . . . . Orin Hatch out of Utah.

<<< Best preserved statesman in D.C. at 78

If you were not following this election,  Senator Orin Hatch out of Utah,  won a hotly contested primary,  tonight  (Tuesday) .  He was opposed by the TEA party in Utah and a number of local conservatives. Hatch has served 36 years and first voted into office in 1976,  during the Carter years.  Reagan loved the guy.

I was pleased to see this statesman win.  He was given the label,  "Establishment" by the TEA party opposition,  but "establishment" or not,  he was and is a proven conservative leader,  striking that pose,  if you will long before being conservative was cool. 

  I spoke out early in favor of his candidacy,  not that such made any difference,  and was pleased with Sarah Palin and the Great One (Mark Levine) as each gave their full support to Orin, as well.  Orin's conservative credentials included an 89 ranking from the ACU and a 100 score from the same American Conservative Union in 2010 and 2011.  

We need legislative perspective as we move forward with the coming conservative correction and Orin fits the bill perfectly.