An hour ago, the House subcommittee voted to issue a contempt order. John Boehner just confirmed, "There will be a contempt vote, in the House, sometime next week. order.

Understand that 
this would be a criminal contempt charge,  if it passes the House.  It won't happen, but this clown we have as an Attorney General,  could be jailed!!   I guess the folks in the House really want the documents Holder, at one time,  promised to surrender to the House.  This vote can be avoided if the needed documents are given to the House committee.  

After 16 months,  Congress has run out of patience.  Remember,  this is not a "witch hunt."  Two Federal agents were killed and,  for that reason, this mess cannot simply "go away."  Always remember Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata,  each killed with guns sent out by the Holder/Obama Administration.  

I include Obama, because he implicated himself, today,  when he issued an executive order that protects himself as well as others.