What is the final report about May Day and Occupy? Answer: It failed as to attendance and political impact, nationwide.

Understand this: the media has decided to pretend that Occupy and the TEA party are political "twins."  In fact,  I read a headline that made that very point at the beginning of this week.  Nothing could be more the lie,  but who in the Marxist Media cares about that?   And the beat goes on.  The TEA party was wildly successful,  so the Marxist Media feels the need to balance the scales.  In fact,  there is no comparison to the TEA party with regard to anything from the Left . . . . nothing.  I begin this post with a quote from the Leftist rag,  Mother Jones,  and the lie it posted regarding the May Day Occupy demonstrations.  I put my response in picture form,  hoping that the Democrats reading this blog will be able to get the message. Experience tells that a written polemic does not register with these people,  so, maybe,  pictures will work.  --  blog editor. 
By most estimates, the Occupy movement's May Day protests were a resounding success, with demonstrations held in more than 100 cities and a march in Manhattan that drew some 30,000 people—more than any Occupy event last fall. (Mother Jones).  See Manhattan below.  

Manhattan two days ago.  Mother Jones says
30,000.  I say around 1300, tops.
"100's of rally's across the nation"  Count 'em.  I say
maybe 55 and this is "their" official map

Lubbock Online wrote us the May Day events as "demonstrations of
hundreds across the nation."  
Denver. One of my friends did not know that they had demonstrated.
What do we have, 40/50 individuals in a city of 3 million? 

The Left is scamming  the nation,  once again.