What has happened to our resident Pit Bull? She is as busy as she can be.

State Senator Deb Fischer is a hands-on champion
of the blue collar working middle class.  She has
served as State Senator since 2004.  She owns a
B.A. in education from the U. of Nebraska and
stands an excellent chance of winning her state
election to the US Senate.  
About the time we start asking,  "Where's Sarah?"  we discover that she is as busy as ever helping to establish and grow the American Conservative Revolution.  I am certain that her efforts are "across the board,"  but she is quite involved in taking back the Senate,  first supporting Ted Cruz for the Senate out of Texas,  and,  most recently,  stepping into the Senate race in Nebraska,  throwing her support for Deb Fischer,  a current state Senator,  and running in third place at the time Sarah took up her cause.  Ms Fischer came from last place to win her primary against two other TEA Party supported opponents,  with 41% of the vote against her closest opponents percentage of 36%  -  a solid victory for the acting state Senator and a resounding testament to the political influence of Governor Palin.

Fischer will now face a Democrat named Bob Kerrey,  a man who has not lived in the state of Nebraska for the past 10 years.  The contest is for the vacated [Democrat] Senate seat occupied by Ben Nelson.  You will remember that Nelson was one of those congressmen making deals behind closed doors,  leveraging his support for ObamaCare,  as that bill paid its way through the Democrat controlled 110th Congress  --  crooks all.

With news of this contest,  there can be no doubt as to Sarah Palin's continued good standing within the Conservative Movement nor her willingness to put herself up for continued harassment from the Lefties,  those who remain angry that they failed, miserably,  in their concerted effort to destroy her,  her family,  and all that she owns.  The past four years has shown these national scavengers for the loathsome types they are and helps to evidence that "good" can triumph over evil no matter the odds.