Update on the 2012 Campaign: Week Four, Day four.

1. Another week and another PR disaster.  This time,  it has to do with Obama's campaign video celebrating his role in the killing of Osama bin Ladan and,  especially,  his comments regarding Mitt Romney in which he makes the point that Romney would not have made the same call.  His comments were designed to score campaign points,  but criticism is mounting form all sides.  Of course, we have the predictable response from the conservative community,  but the Washington Post,  the New York Times,  Arianna Huffington,  and Navy Seal Team 6 have all chimed in with stinging criticism.

2.  Before this week (#4) is over,  we will have the new unemployment numbers for the month of April.  I believe that number will be reported at 8.1% understanding that using the same process as was used by Obama in 2009, the unemployment rate would be 10.9%.

3.  After trying out several campaign themes (Winning the Future, We can't Wait, I Must Act Alone),  Obama has decided to use a single word theme, "Forward."  As it turns out,  "Forward" is a long standing and very popular word in Socialist politics, especially to European Communist organizations.  (see the Washington Times article) If not an intentional tie to Socialist and Communists organization,  perhaps we can say it was "subliminal."  How this circumstance will be received by the political community has yet to be seen.

4.  ObamaCare continues to be plague on the Obama White House.  59% of Americans continue to believe that the law should be completely taken down or amended in substantial ways.  But,  more than this,  it is coming out,  this week (actually, this hit the airwaves today, May Day),  that Obama structured a mass exodus from private care to governmental central control. Business are now reviewing the law.  Turns out the 71 largest private employers (all on the Fortune 100) plan to transfer their working populations (5.9 million Americans) saving these companies 28.6 billion in one years and 422 billion dollars over the course of the next ten years.  The statement, "You can keep your coverage" was a damn lie for the very beginning and Obama told this lie dozens of times through 2010. And where will these people go?  Into what plan?   Experts are saying that the resulting plan will look very similar to Medicare.

Kelly Ayotte
1.  Romney has considered Ron Portman,  Chris Cristy, Paul Ryan,  Marco Rubio and,  this week, Kelly Ayotte (from New Hamshire and a TEA party supported newly installed Senator).  What is refreshing to me is the fact that the TEA party influence is "all over" Romney and all of the "candidates" for VP, to date,  have close ties to the TEA party influence.

2.  In the most recent Gallup poll, Romney has moved ahead of Obama by a single point.  What is significant about this poll is the fact that Romeny has closed a 7 point gap against the Slickmeister in just three weeks.