This week's polling is proving to be a disaster for the Obama Campaign.

<<<< Obama now thinks this cabal has a Right Wing bias.  (Good grief)

Update:  it is my long held theory (more than two years) that this election will be a landslide of sorts,  for the good guys.  Information in this article goes to this conclusion.  

You simply cannot get more partisan than the "New York Times" or "cBS News"  (please note the small "c").   This polls most recent results were surprisingly unfriendly to the Slickster.  This poll demonstrates an upward trending Mitt Romney moving from a tie with Obama, last week,  to a 46 - 43 lead over Obama, this week.  More than this,  the poll shows a two point advantage for Romney among women (!!!)  and a seven point lead (43 -36) for Romney among Independents.

In this poll's most telling result,  it's survey shows a whopping 67% of those interviewed believe that Obama's pro gay marriage announcement last week was pure politics.   That thinking completely undermines Obama's strategy for making his announcement and evidences the people's distrust for this man.

It is this Times/cBS poll that Obama claims to be biased . . . .  a statement that produced a belly laugh on the part of this editor.  To think that our resident Marxist Misfit thinks that Times and cBS are "biased"  - and I assume he means to say "biased Right" - is nothing short of laughable.  Or . . . . . . . . . . does Obama have enough insight to realize that some on the Left might think he is a bumbling fool?  Understand that as to this "bias" claim,  from the whiners in the Hussein Campaign,  the readership should know that this poll was buried . . . . . .  "buried" I say . . . . . . on page A 17 below the fold . . . .  biased my but -- it ain't true.

In the most recent Gallup/USA (another Leftist cabal) poll,  55% believe the nation will return to health under Romney,  only 46% believe it will do the same under Obama.  Gallup also has Obama trailing Romney by 2 points.

With Rasmussen,  Romney holds a 3% lead over Obama.  While that margin has been as high as 8 points in Romney's favor,  still, the Rasmussen Reports shows Romney "up" for the ninth consecutive day . . . . .  very unusual for a campaign as closely contested as some think this campaign will be.