The Jeremiah Wright controversy is a distraction. Romney is correct in staying on track. Here is why.

The Washington Post drags racism into the 2012 campaign with this headline:   Mitt Romney distances himself from racially fueled proposal to attack Obama.  Understand that the white boys at the Washington Post see "racism" in the revelations of Obama's black pastor (Jeremiah Wright)  telling the world [in a taped interview] that  the half black Obama offered him $150,000 to "stop talking."  

How is that "racism?"  In fact, it is not,  but let the American people decide.  What is clear to thinking people is the fact that this claim,  on the part of Jeremiah Wright,  is harmful to Obama's campaign. 

My question is this:  when the Left starts screaming "racism,"  who in this world buys into that charge other than those who vote Democrat anyway?  Seriously.  I have never seen this charge "turn around" an election and yet,  the whiners on the Left continue to use this strategy.  

Conversely,  conservatives needs to understand that the Wright versus Obama circumstance  is fairly meaningless in terms of gathering votes against Obama.  While this bribery revelation is "news,"  the fact that Obama is our most unqualified president ever,  is established fact and not news at all.  

The problem with this latest controversy is found in the fact that all this serves to be only as a distraction.  It is clear that Obama would much rather run around the nation screaming "racist, racist,"  than having to talk about his record and what he has in mind for the next four years . . . . .  specifically.  

If the details of ObamaCare had been part of the 2008 campaign,  he would have lost that election.  

The only question that matters in this election cycle,  is that which tells us what he had in mind when he leaned across the table,  and told the Russians,  "I can be more flexible after the election."