Part II: Obama's rather gay decision just might gain him nothing. Here is why.

<<<<< Saul Alinsky, king of plausible deniability -  is he to blame for Obama's ho mo sexual confliction?  

Post note:  Obama calls his decision to honor gay marriage an "evolution of position."  How can that be when he ran on a gay-marriage platform in 1996,  seeking office in his Illinois campaign for State Senator?  

Wednesday,  the gay world was all aflutter. Some even mentioned that the "thrill was back."  Today is a different story.  Obama has made another announcement, this time in avoidance of the lime light.   I found it in the Washington Examiner.  Turns out that Obama will not seek a gay-marriage amendment to the Democrat platform.  Being the coward that he is,  Obama has decided to wait on the Democrat Party, itself.  It seems as though its members are working on a gay-marriage platform as I publish.  The real news in all this is the fact that there is not a gay-marriage platform.  I mean,  who knew ??

For the sake of this post,  the effect of Obama's most recent epiphany will not result in Party changes to the campaign if it is left up to Obama's leadership.  More "leading from behind,"  no ??  Others will make the "necessary changes,"  leaving Obama alone to work his magic using both sides of this mouth.

Adding to his puzzling confliction on this matter,  is the Examiner's declaration:

President Obama declared his personal support for same-sex marriage yesterday, but the White House chose not to push for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act today.

It cannot be a secret that Obama has instructed Eric Holder not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act,  passed under Bill Clinton.  Understand that if you are the single most important law enforcement combine in the nation,  Obama/Holder really does not need Constitutional repeal when it has decided to ignore the law, altogether, on this matter.

At any rate,  with Obama,  this declaration simply could not been a straightforward affair, could it?    He has to complicate the matter,  always looking for plausible deniability. just in case something he says works against him.

In the end and a day after his move out of the closet, the effect of Obama's announcement has taken the discussion [nearly] back to "ground zero."  If you are a conservative,  understand that the part of the media that is ecstatic about this latest Obama drama, was in the Obama camp, anyway.  I really do not think this two day bit of rhetorical nonsense has advanced his candidacy at all.  In fact,  if anything,  it has hurt.

End notes and related articles: 

My headline explanation:  another phrase for "plausible deniability" is the more vulgar phrase, "talking out of both sides of one's mouth."  With Obama,  the headline implies an effort on the part of the Slickster to "save" as many votes on the Left and the Right as possible, while taking a singular "stand" for gay-marriage.

Plausible deniability as a first consideration in defining strategies. 

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