On Memorial Day, we should remember both the greatness of those who sacrificed for this country and those who have hated this sacrifice and the historic United States of America they were defending.

<<<< Our original Baby  Boomer First Couple and part of the Marxist collegiate cabal that began working for the other-throw of the American system in the mid-1960's.  I typify the 1960 radicals (today's Democrat leadership),  "communist,"  because that is what they called themselves.  I know . . . .  I went to college with this bunch of Marxist Misfits.  --  blot editor  

Christ Hayes is a younger Marxist punk whose wife,  Kate Shaw,  is an associate legal counsel for Barack Obama.  Understand that the Boomers employed at MSNBC,  are among those who threw bags of excrement at our returning Viet Nam soldiers,  and, in so many ways,  disparaged those who believed they were fighting for the freedom of others.  I will never forget that is was the likes of John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi and most of the Boomer aged leadership within the Socialist Democrat Party of today, that jointed together as the collegiate Marxist crowd of yesterday (the late 1960’s) in their hatred for this country, its historic and economic base.  Such is the leadership of the party that,  today,  supports B and M Obama in their orchestrated “fundamental transformation” of our great country.      

The "other half" of the Boomer Generation,  remember full well, the tripe that was the New Left, in the 1960 - 70's.  Memorial Day was inaugurated as a memorial for those killed in  the Civil War and was originally called Decoration Day.  Since the defeat of the Democrat controlled South and its hatred for the Black man in this country, this very special day has become a memorial day for all who have died in our several wars. 

Obama,  speaking in a memorial service today (May 28),  mentioned that we had won all the wars in which we have fought.  Of course,  he does not know what he is talking about. The only war we have won, in practical terms, since WWII,  is Iraq under a Republican president. The remaining wars were all defeats,  but not  military defeats.  Korea, Nam,  Somalia and, soon to be Afghanistan,  were/are  not military defeats;  they were/are political debachels having nothing to do with our ability to actually win the particular conflict.  I think it safe to say that we have never lost a war on the battlefield.  

Of the four wars named above, (Korea, Nam,  Somalia and, soon to be Afghanistan),  all were run by Democrat politicians except for the shared responsibility of LBJ/Nixon in Viet Nam.  Of course,  the mother of all wars,  WW II, was an undertaking under Democrat leadership, but,  again,  since that time,  organized anti-war sentiment within the Democrat party has rendered the leadership within that party,  incapable of successfully managing a war  -- to the point that Obama consistently refuses to define "victory"  and the likes of Chris Hayes,  cannot declare one a "hero" for fear of giving allegiance to the concept of war.  

Fox News:
A top veterans group called Monday for an "immediate and unequivocal apology" after an MSNBC host said on the eve of Memorial Day that it makes him "uncomfortable" to describe fallen soldiers as heroes. 
Chris Hayes made the comment while kicking off a panel discussion Sunday on his show, "Up With Chris Hayes." 
He noted it's "very difficult to talk about the war dead and the fallen without invoking valor, without invoking the words 'heroes.'" 
Hayes tried to explain why that makes him uneasy: "I feel ... uncomfortable about the word hero because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war." 
Veterans of Foreign Wars, in addition to a throng of conservative bloggers and groups, slammed Hayes for being so conflicted about the term.