Its been five days and, already, his hopes for a rebound because of this "news" has dried up.

Newsweek and its internet partner,  The Daily Beast,  will present a surprise of sorts,  for the Monday morning crowd,  on their way to work.

<<<< Note the rainbow halo. Whatever.

On the news stands tomorrow morning, many will see this Time cover and read of Obama's "historic" announcement,  that he "personally supports gay  marriage."  He even quoted a little Bible,  as he understands that Message,  but did not offer an explanation as to why he had moved away from this same decision,  back in 1996.

What is troubling to all who listen to this two-faced politician ["two faced" -- one who talks out of both sides of his mouth] is the fact that while he pretends the gay-marriage issue to be a "state rights" concern,  if put into a political circumstance that would allow him to  bind all states to his "newly" expressed opinion (for the second time), he would do so without hesitation.     I mean,  has the process of evolution ended with a statement about his "personal opinion" concerning the future of the gayness of marriage?  That really is not how evolution works,  is it?

Understand that in his announcement,  he spoke of the evolution of his opinion AND the notion that God allowed for his opinion  --  so,  I ask,  was his opinion the product of evolution or intelligent design?    I doubt that even the Slickster knows the answer to that question.

I do know that 7 of the 13 swing states in this year's election cycle have laws banning gay marriage,  AND 1 out every 6 Obama money bundlers are gay,  according to Fox News.  We shall see which carries the most clout, come this November.