Hannity, Levine and now, Palin, support Orin Hatch - and the snidely National Review apparently does not care for that reality.

Mark Levine,  The Great One,  complimented Sarah Palin on her courage in offering her support for Orin Hatch  -  one of my personal favorites on the Hill. That was yesterday. He (Levine), too,  is in support of Hatch's candidacy.  

 Today,  the Libertarian mouth piece,  National Review,  published an opinion as to how the Hatch/Palin partnership came about.  I personally believe the National Review article is a piece of rhetorical crap  --  subtle at every turn,  insulting of grandpa Orin, and dismissive in its very tone.  See what you think,  but not everyone targeted for political death by the TEA party,  of which I am a founding member,  is deserving of that kind of attention . . . . . .  and I often tire of the snideness of the our socially liberal compadres. 

Here is an excerpt:  
The two people least surprised by Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Senator Orrin Hatch this week are Palin and Hatch. In the Twitter and Facebook era, they became political allies the old-fashioned way: through handwritten letters and personal phone calls.

It’s an unlikely, politics-fueled friendship that’s fit for a Robert Caro book. Hatch, a soft-spoken grandfather, is one of Palin’s top outside mentors. He encourages her and cheers her. They share family stories, they discuss history, and they talk about legislation.

“It’s true,” Palin tells National Review Online. “He’s a warrior.” She respects his record, especially his work on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Hatch has frequently been an influential figure during contentious Supreme Court confirmations.

Even though she is 30 years his junior, Palin has grown to appreciate Hatch’s historical perspective on Congress, the presidency, and the conservative movement. “I respect public servants who benefited from and grew under the tutelage of Ronald Reagan,” she says. . . . . .