Election 2012 in review. Hell to the Chief !!

1. Obama began this Fifth Week of the campaign cycle,  proposing that we use the savings derived from no longer being at war  (did he stop taking his meds, or what !!!) to pay down the national debt AND repair the nations infrastructure.  Wow.  $200 billion is going to do all that!!  Of course,  he was decimated in the financial publications and nothing has been heard of this suggestion since.

2.  Ramussen Reports has Obama losing to Romney by 7 points. Last week,  Romney was "up" by 5.

3.  Richard Lugar (R -  Indiana),  the much maligned Rino Republican was soundly defeated in his 7th bid for re-election.  As a result,  the other Rino's are bemoaning the fact and critical of standing on principle rather than compromise. While such a position can be overworked (the move against "compromise"),  when a Republican is no more different from a Democrat than was Lugar,  over the years,  it is time for a change.

 4.  Elizabeth Warren's campaign is going up in smoke.  It is becoming clear that she used the manufactured notion of "native Indian" to gain entry into Harvard, as a professor,  not to mention taking advantage of the many professional awards and "perc's" given to those with minority status,  especially when those persons are Democrats.

5.  Most of the week's rhetorical chatter was taken up talking about Obama's silly "personal revelation" that he now accepts gay marriage.  He did himself no favors in making this announcement,  and is taking heat for one of the bigger "flip flops" of all time . . . . . . . and we all saw it coming.

6.  George Clooney raised 15 million dollars for Obama,  in a record setting private fundraiser.

7.  It was disclosed that by this time, in 2008,  Wall Street had given more than 7 million to Obama's campaign.  This year,  its collective donations are less than 2 million dollars.  Guess they got tired of being called names.

8.  Again,  Romney really was not a critical part of the news cycle - yet his lead over Obama increases.  Sweet.

9.  142 Democrats in the House joined Republicans in an overwhelming vote (381 to 41) to demand Eric Holder cooperate with the House committee investigating Fast and Furious.  This issue has exploded and may prove to be more than Obama can handle with mere words.

10.  In a childish display of rhetorical excess,  someone within the Obama Administration has exposed the fact that the latest terror bomb threat was defeated by a Saudi double agent.  Just how stupid are these people?  Anyway, lives are now in danger, once again.  Add this faux pas to that which resulted in the deaths of 23 Seal Team 6 soldiers, after being outed as a unit.  All such actions are criminal in scope and treasonous by definition.