Don't think Obama is in trouble? In three Democrat primaries, the results sent chills into the Obama camp.

Kentucky Primary Results

Romney beat Ron Paul by 55 points.  
Obama beat "Uncommitted" by just 15 points. 

Understand that Ron Paul quit, which means that Romney was 
running against nobody.  he won by 55%.  Obama was running
against nobody in his primary and won by 15.  

In other Democrat primary news,  John Wolfe, a long time
loser in primary politics,  took 41% of the Democrat vote 
away from Obama in the Arkansas primary.  Earlier this 
month,  a Texas felon took 40% of the vote in West Virginia
Understand that although these are "red" states,  the primaries
are Democrat primaries.  If this had been 2008,  Obama would 
have taken 100% of the vote. 

Conclusion:   he he he