A review of Obama's devastating war policies - the lesson, here, is simple: never go to war with a modern day Democrat president.

Public support for maintaining U.S. forces in Afghanistan has reached a new low. And as the general election campaign begins, swing voters, by nearly two-to-one, favor removing U.S. troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible. . . . . . . PEW Research

Editor's notes:  when was the last time any of us heard a healthy and spirited defense of the Afghan war by the Obama people?  Understand that unless the case for war is made and frequently defended,  public opinion will always favor retreat and avoidance . . . . . . . . .  always.  So,  the PEW poll is no surprise.  This Administration understands nothing of diplomacy,  whether foreign or domestic and as a result,  fewer and fewer Americans on both sides of the political aisle,  favor neither Obama's presidency or his war efforts.  

Obama, Tuesday, May 1,  giving a 10 minute
address in Afghanistan. This speech was nothing
but a publicity stunt for the folks back home and
proof of that, is the fact that the speech was
given in an empty warehouse in Afghanistan,
at 4;00 am.  I have seen pictures taken by the
press, pictures that have been scrubbed from
the internet and the "house" is empty and the 

camera never moves to survey the audience.  His sorry
face is the only thing the camera cares about, period.

In fact,  when you stop to think about it,  the PEW poll is really a testament to the failures of the Obama Administration.  In Iraq,  military leadership,  responding to Obama asking for their opinion,  requested a 25,000 man residual force after the pullout.  Obama decided to give zero forces and made it clear,  that his opinion in matters of war,  was the only reasonable opinion in the house, causing some to ask, “So why ask your leadership anything at all?”   

The military asked for 60,000 troops in the 2010 build up in Afghanistan and Obama gave them 30,000 along with a date for retreat.  

When asked for a definition for "victory" in the Middle East back in 2009,  Obama refused,  choosing, rather, to pontificate on the moral hazards of offering a clear and concise definition.

He ordered his troops in the Afghan War theater, to administer Miranda rights to many of their captors, to avoid "surprise attacks" and fire on the enemy only when fired upon first,  to catch and release enemy forces within 72 hours if they could not be transferred to Afghan custody within that time frame, to leave off pursuit of enemy ground forces if they fled into residential areas and to call for air support only when residential areas would be free of collateral damage, regardless of the safety demands of our troops making such calls for assistance.  

After the killing of Osama bin Laden,  Obama ran to the first open mic and identified the Special Ops force that killed the murdering Muslim.  13 weeks later,  23 Navy Seal Team 6 members were killed in retaliation.  No responsible military leader would have ever done such a thing,  a cowardly act that cost lives.  

He is now releasing all of the Osama bin Laden documents captured in the raid  -  a decision of an idiot seeking re-election.  There is no logic for telling the terrorist world what we know about them.  "Dumb" does not begin to describe the abandonment of military principle involved in this preposterous decision.  

Last month,  in a different part of the world,  Obama became the first president in American history to pay a ransom for hostages,  sending 5.7 million dollars to Egyptian Muslim thugs who had captured 19 Americans during the Egyptian Spring,  last year, and held them captive for 35 days  (where was the freaking American media?)  

Like I said,  the PEW poll is little more than a measure of the disgusting military failings of the idiot academic theorist "occupying"  our White House.