The Campaign: Week Two

1.    Obama continues to ignore the mounting tensions surrounding the Trayvon Martin case. Young Martins parents pretense "simply wanting justice" is beginning to wear thin.  Truth be told,  they want Zimmerman to be convicted and given the death penalty.  Race riots in the future?  For sure,  Obama and Holder are doing nothing to present such a circumstance.
2.    Obama orders minions to attack Romney for having a polygamist ancestry (Romney's great granddad).  Turns our that Obama's father was a polygamist. He wrote about it in Audacity of Hope (a title he stole from Jeremiah Wright).
3.     Obama attacks Romney for carry his dog  in a cage, on top of his car 30 years ago.  Turns out Obama actually ate dog,  while a kid in Indonesia.
4.     Apparently the contraception scare has fizzled.  No mention of this for two weeks.
5.     Obama's Fairness Tax (aka the "Buffet Rule") will collect enough taxes to pay off our 2011, 1.3 trillion debt in just under 250 years, at which time we can start working on 2012's deficit.  It was defeated in a Democrat controlled Senate and a few Democrats voted against it.  And it turns out that Obama pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.
6.    Network polls (ABC, CBS, NBC) show Obama ahead of Romney two weeks into Romney's campaign.
7.    Gallup shows Romney 5 points ahead of Obama and 6 points up with Independents.
8.    CBO tells us that ObamaCare will cost 2.3 trillion over the next ten years.  Of course, we all know that the actual cost will be 5 times that number.
9.    Obama's campaign for the women's vote has narrowed down to single and very liberal women.
10.  Men account for three times the female vote in spite of the fact that there are more women in the population.  This election will be about turn-out.
11.  Attacking Ann Romney as a non-working woman has lost steam and is nearly a dead issue.
12.  Barbara Boxer begs "self respecting women" to vote Democrat. Who's listening to this woman??!!
13.  Nancy Pelosi has decided that now is a good  time to push for an amendment to the Constitution that changes the 1st Amendment regarding free speech to favor the Democrat minority.
14.  Obama offers more spending plans, but,  nothing in terms of entitlement cuts. He has no explanation for how he will administer cuts in Medicare.  Remember, it was Obama who slashed Medicare by half a trillion to pay for ObamaCare.
15.  Israel is openly critical of Obama's appeasement of Iran.
16.  Obama finishes the week with a 50% approval rating with Rasmussen but only a 27% "strongly approve" in the same poll.
17.  Obama used the excuse of a "news conference" each of the first four days of this week.  The Marxist Media is perfectly willing to give him billions in free air time.  Haven't we seen this clown enough?
18.  Hillary, will not campaign for Obama,  nor will Bill Clinton,  or so they say.
19.  The retiring Barney Frank spoke out this week,  complaining that Obama should have worked more on the economy and left the healthcare issue for another day.
20.  Portman from Ohio, Rubio from Florida, Paul Ryan from the Democrat hate state of Wisconsin, and Florida's ex-governor, Jebb Bush are the names most mentioned for Romney's VP selection . . . .  Jebb is the only Establishment type in the crowd.
21.  Keep in mind that this is only the second week of the Romney campaign.  Worries over polling results and media dominance (for Obama) are much too premature to be of any serious concern for the Right.
22.  Santorum has not endorsed Romney nor has he continued his campaign against Obama.  Not good,  but totally expected.
23.  Newt is still running around pretending  he has a cause.  A bit embarrassing,  in view of the fact that I once supported the man's candidacy.