The Buffet Rule and the question, "Whatever happened to 'cut first, tax later'?" We conservatives used to preach this. Maybe its time for a revival.

Finally,  after three weeks of bad news beginning with the open mic incident, Obama is given some relatively good news that was not manufactured for his pleasure:  a Gallup poll which shows he is scoring points using his "Buffet rule" rhetoric.  Gallup shows public opinion in favor of the Buffet Rule by a margin of 23 points (60 to 37).

You have to look "hard,"  but Obama's Buffet Rule is on this
chart,  just above "Buffet rule tax."  Did you find it?  Good.
Now,  ask yourself this:  "If it is barely noticeable after 10
years of existence, why on earth do I think it is a good idea?"
It is my opinion that the GOP is using the wrong strategy in fighting this bit of nonsense.  While it is righteous to point to the fact that this "rule"  cuts only 0.02 from our debt,  people are not getting their minds around that fact.  Understand that we spend 492 billion dollars per year paying for the national debt's  interest, alone.   That is structured cost the next president has to deal with.  The Buffet Rule brings in between 3 and 4.7 billion per year and no one is talking about the annualized Obama debt (without interest) of 1.3 trillion.

If we count all of the above in terms of  "billions,"  the annual debt is 1300 billion per year; our annual debt payment is 492 billion and Obama's Buffet Rule is 3 to 4.7 billion.  And what does Obama want to do with this 4.7 billion?  FREAKING SPEND IT !!  Nowhere is this man talking about balancing budgets or saving money or setting our economic house in order. . . . . . . . nowhere.

BUT !!

That is all too complicated for the general population.  All they understand is the nebulous concept of "fairness."  Fine.  We can use that to our advantage.

Obama has gotten his proverbials  kicked on the hardcore issues relating  to his Buffet rule.  He has conceded that his rule does nothing when it comes to the debt issue,  "But,"  he argues,   "it is the fair thing to do."  Spoken like a true child.

"Mommy," says the fat child, "I want more candy and ice cream."

"But that will only make you fatter and could kill you, girl."  

"But it will taste good."  


That is Obama's campaign strategy in this matter.  Rather than leadership,  he chooses to sacrifice reality for election year gain.

What to do,  what to do.

I have the solution.  Since he has adjusted his rhetoric,  "we" should make an adjustment as well.  Make it clear that we can talk about the Obama/Buffet rule after we hammer out the details of a substantial cut in spending.  Leave the size of the cut open ended but "substantial" (3 to 7 trillion)  and begin the debate over real economic issues, rather than real emotional issues.

You can bank on the fact that Obama will NOT agree to "cut first" and tax later. That is a critical weakness and one that gives him terrible marks in the poll . . . .  and people can understand "cut first and tax later."

Update:  I forgot to mention that the Obama Tax (the Buffet rule) is scheduled to be voted on in the Senate,  next week.  It is projected by those "in the know" to fail.  Let's not forget that our Chief Economic Genius has not been able to garner a single vote for his budget ideas in two years.  I am saying that his budget was voted down 97 to Nothing (in the Senate) in 2011 and it lost, again,  414 to Nothing in the House,  last month.  You would think some Democrats would vote for his ideas,  just to avoid the fact of "zero,"  but that did not happen --  not even coming from the likes of Pelosi or the Hapless Harry Reid!!  Go figure.

Also,  this tax should be called "Obama's Tax."  When Buffet was talking about taxing the rich,  he was not talking about millionaires,  but, rather,  "multi-millionaires."  But, who cares about the facts, right?