Romney is not Palin's pick for President, but she has a choice in mind, for the VP position and it ain't Ann "The Skeleton" Coulter.

Yesterday,  on FoxNews,  our First Lady,  assured all that she will support whoever runs against Obama.  While things are still "in the air" as to the VP selection,  Sarah has taken the opportunity to offer her support for Col Allen West. Understand this:  there has never been a time when the VP selection is more important than now.  Nearly all conservative commentaries (myself, Red State,  Legal Insurrection, The Blaze,, the various TEA party organizations across the nation, and on and on) are some what disappointed with the candidacies of the four remaining GOP primary pundits.  What will excite the base is a conservative selection for the VP.  If that does not happen,  all bets are off as to whether "we" will run Obama out of town.

Sure hope the Establishment types have gotten the memo.