Obama gave a speech on energy that CNN has labeled "pants on fire."

Obama in the Rose Garden, holding
another campaign speech disguised
as a policy announcement
Obama, in another campaign speech disguised as a press conference,  announced, this morning, several ideas as part of a "new energy strategy."  Of course,  none of his plans can effect the domestic circumstance before the election,  and Obama knows this,  but it makes for good campaign rhetoric.  What is disturbing,  is Obama's claim that his energy policies have actually worked, to date.  Keep in mind that the only demonstrable measure for an effective energy policy,  is the cost of fuel.  And,  that is at record highs with no major change in sight.  After this talk,  one of the pundits at CNN described the speech as "almost pants on fire."  You know you are in trouble when you cannot fool your own people, no?? 

Because of those prices,  American's have been forced to drastically cut their travel mileage.  Demand is down and production is up,  based on approved permits coming out of the Bush era and Obama is claiming credit for the whole enchilada.

In his speech,  this morning,  Obama asserted that his emphasis on alternative fuels such as algae and wind, has paved the way for whatever success he imagines to be the case.  He wants us all to forget that wind/algae/solar and, mice on a tread mill, contribute just 1% of our current energy supply,  with mice on a tread mill running a close second to  either wind, algae, or solar.  

Understand that the Navy is being forced to buy a diesel fuel substitute made from algae,  at a cost to the taxpayers of $400 per stinking gallon.  

Point of post:  Obama's energy policy is more than an abject failure.  In fact,  that phrase does not catch the full picture of the failure.  Corruption and payoffs,  bankruptcy after bankruptcy,  mind-numbing graft, and lie after lie after lie have typified,  "typified" I say,  this idiot's energy policy. 

Understand that this man has no more experience today,  running the government,   than he did four years. He has learned nothing.   This is no longer a joke, but, rather, nothing short of a nightmare for the American people. And, the Man does not have enough sense to quit with his idiot daydreams.  

Wind energy has no power grid with which to transfer its supply of energy.    Electricity generated by wind machines cost $4,000 per hour, per machine . 

Algae production does not take up the use of
land,  but is very expensive to produce.  The
US Navy is paying $400 per gallon, at present. 
Algae is only a diesel substitute and (not gas),  at $400 per gallon,  far removed from anything our transportation system can bear.  

Solar power is years into the future,  and extremely expensive to set up.  Just to power an average residential home,  22 to 28 panels are required at an honest expense of $30,000  per home.  Imagine what it would cost to "energize" 20% of a 40,000 home community at $1,200 per panel.  

If an Okie can motorize a beer
chest,  I guess a Greenie can do
this to a scooter.  
The electric car industry as managed by Obama,  is another failed effort,  with the  Chevy Volt shutting down domestic production (at least temporarily)      

Corn ethanol as a fuel,   costs four times the energy it saves and is twice the pollutant than gas.  None of this takes into consideration the fact that corn,  as an important source of food in the war against world wide starvation,  has been cut by 30%  because of its use in the bio-fuel market.  

Side note:  The Greenie's cut production of DDT some 30 years ago, and killed 20 million Africans in the process (DDT kills the mosquito that carries malaria)   Now they,  the Greenie's ,  have decided that bio-fuel is more important than feeding the starving world outside our borders.   

My only question,  after reading this post, out loud,  is this:  is the man still snorting cocaine?