Obama's 2008 and 2012 Campaigns compared, with shocking results.

<<<<<<< Post theme: he ain't cool no more.

President Obama on Palin: What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?  ‘A pit bull is delicious’   

With the words in our headline,  the Master of the Classless Nation,  scored more points with his Hollywood constituency over the weekend.  But,  is this all he has left, to chase after "cool" and invent one character attack after another?  We review his campaign, to date and show why rhetorical gimmickry is at the center of his bid for re-election . . . . . its all that he has left to say.     

Can a man look any more cool than Mr. Tough
Guy,  Barry Hussein Obama?  
Take a look as his 2012 campaign, to date.  In a word,  we are looking at nothing but "small ball" on steroids.  No more promises.  No more Greek pillars and idiot lines like "now is the time the earth begins to cool and the oceans begin to recede" (Germany 2008).  No more campaigning as if he was the international president of the world.  No more video's of kids singing Christian songs of praise re-written using Obama's name instead of Christ's.    Not a word about uniting the nation or ending partisanship.  When was the last time he gave an international speech to the Muslim world?  And, on the good side,  when was the last time he apologized to our enemies? 

Instead,  "Obama 2012" is a campaign that has lashed out at the Catholic Church,  the middle class white worker,  stay-at-home moms  and private citizens who donate to the opposition.  

He has negotiated with congress only once during his four years,  on the occasion of the defeat of the Keystone Pipeline bill. 

He is the first president in history to preside over a Democrat Congress so one-sided,  it did not need Republican attendance for so much as a quorum.  For all of 2009,  the GOP was completely and utterly irrelevant, legislatively speaking.  Not one GOP amendment made it out of House committee and onto the House floor for a vote, another historical first. 

Obama is the first president in history to have not one,  but two presidential budgets fail without getting a single vote of support from his own party members;  a 97 to Nothing vote against his budget in the 2011 Senate and a 414 to Nothing vote in the 2012 House of Representatives.  

He is the first president to not know how to pronounce "corps" in the phrase  "Marine corpsman."  Trust me,  there is a big difference between a Marine corpsman and a Marine "corpse."  And he gets it wrong three times in the same speech --  hardly a "slip of the lip."

He is the first president not to know how many states there are in the Union.  

He is the first to believe that tuning up our cars would resolve our Middle East oil dependency.  

He is the first president to use Executive Order to legislate federal restructuring and federal law defeated in Congress by his own party.  

He is the first president to unilaterally violate two treatises with foreign governments  (the missile defense treatises with Czechoslovakia and Poland).  

Under his presidency,  the United States has NO missile defense system,  itself;  did you know that?  Do you give a care?  

He is the first president to wage war against "freedom of religion" as prescribed in the First Amendment and the protections of the conscience clause (cf. Catholic World News). 

He is the first leader of a party that intends to rewrite the free speech portions of that amendment (I refer to Pelosi's statements of two weeks ago on regulating free speech).  

He is the first president to use the regulatory agencies under his control to restructure and add to the Central Government.  

He has done more to fashion the Central Government as the enemy of its free constituency than any president in history.   

He is the first president to wage war on the American populace via anarchy and vandelism (the Occupy movement),  sheer thuggery (the AFL-CIO and the SEIU),  the Department of Justice with its first racist AG, and alliances the likes of the Nation of Islam (Louis Farrakhan),  the New Black Panthers and those who openly wish harm to the white man (Al Sharpton,  Maxine Waters, Spike Lee and a host of black, anti-colonial leadership    

He is our first anti-colonial president (note:  there is more meaning to this single point than all the above combined) .  By "anti-colonial," I do not mean to iclude any sense of the term "anti-imperialism."  For me,  they are not the same, at all.  By "anti-colonial"   I mean to imply that Obama rejects American colonial history and its Constitutional outgrowth,  as being a part of his cherished American history.  If I fashioned a parity with another phrase,  I would use "anti-Constitutional" in the same breath as "anti-colonial."   Al Sharpton once described the 10th Amendment ("states rights") as the "white man's amendment."  All reactionary Blacks rejected early American history as being "theirs" because of the fact that the early black slaves were not considered  fully human and,  hence protected by the Constitution.  It is a fact,  that, in that since,  early American history worked against the black community. What anti-colonial blacks refuse to admit is the reality that the Civil War was more about binding the Constitution onto the entire population than any other single issue.   What anti-colonial blacks refuse to recognize is the fact that,  from the very beginning,  there were those who believed the words of the Constitution applied to all peoples within the American experience and that beneficial changed has occurred precisely because of the wording of the US Constitution.  

Point of post: to demonstrate that Mr. Cool ain't cool no more, but, rather, he is a menace to all who cherish founding principles and the colonials' thirst for freedom in general and freedom from religious structuring by a central government, in particular.