Me and Stephanie Miller (Current's latest Palin hating moron)

An anecdotal report about Current TV and an attempted slur against the Governor (that would be Sarah Palin).

I spend about 3 or 4 minutes a month surfing through Current TV on my way to something else.  I stop to see what this televised memorial to Al Gore's insanity is doing and move on . . . . quickly,  before losing any IQ points.

This morning,  I had left Fox Business on my way to CNBC and, wala,  there was this clown with a ball cap on Current,  Stephanie Miller.  I used up my 3 minutes on this single occasion.  She spent her entire time making fun of the Right  -  no substance, no humor - just  "I know you are but what am I" type humor.

At one point,  she decided to poke fun at the Tuesday TodayShow co-host, Sarah Palin.  In so doing,  she had her producer play a cut from one of Palin's recent interviews in which Palin blasts Obama's jobless jobs program.  The expressed purpose of this clip was to demonstrate  Sarah's inability to speak and make sense,  all at the same time.

The excerpt didn't sound all that bad,  and Miller commented, at the end of the clip, "Ah,  well that didn't do what we wanted but we will find one that does."

So goes the pizza party at Current.  They have nothing on Palin unless they go back in time.  The day is coming,  if it is not already here,  that Sarah's expertise will do nothing but increase her good reputation.  Today was a pleasant moment for me,  because I actually watched an attack on Palin completely fizzle  --  too bad no one was watching, other than myself.