Listen to this video, angry blacks and teachers attacking Scott Walker, and you will stop talking about Ted Nugent and Rush.

In the video below,  the Wisconsin socialist teachers' union threatens to "cut the head off" Scott Walker as they claim ownership of the nation's wealth. You can't listen to any of this and imagine that TEA party rhetoric is the same, or that Ted Nugent is as much a threat,  of that Col Allen West is the same sort of antagonist.  And this is the face of the Democrat Party,  at this time.  It was bad enough, when the Dems ran the KKK.  Now,  they have decided to go nation wide with their anger and hate.

We have six minutes of the most radicalized speech you have ever heard,  and,  if these clowns are asking for a fight,  well they will get one,  but only in the act of self-defense.  Black leadership as reflected in the communist inspired Congressional Black Caucus (they praise Fidel and Chavez so you tell what they are, if not "communist  inspired" ) and the Obama/Holder regime have brought this country to the brink of a race war.

The video offers reason enough to buy guns and store up supplies and, well, prepare for war.  Think I am nuts?  Maybe some of you should listen to the rhetoric coming out of your own alliances . . . .  it is all about war and killing whitie and and owning wealth and stealing and lying in the name of "social justice." 

And, to think, Obama takes money from these traitors.  I mean,  the sign says it all, no?