Jobs down/ claims are up - worst numbers for the entire year of 2012.

With the beginning of this year,  our economy was producing 250,000+  jobs on a [short term] monthly basis,  but that has steadily trended down and consistently so,  to its lowest number of the year,  at 120,000 jobs created for the month of March, just enough to keep up with population growth and nothing more.  Understand that this jobs number is not "net jobs,"  only private sector gross jobs.  "Jobs lost in the private sector" are not in view.  

More than this,  and pertinent to this post,  the numbers of individuals applying for first time unemployment benefits,  continues to trend upward,  for the fifth consecutive week.  The March 24 report (five weeks ago) turned out to be a lie.  The Feds reported 348,000 new claims,  the lowest in several years,  but had to amend that report,  adding 16,000 to it original estimate.  If you challenge the conclusion of "lie,"  understand this:  I believe that all such reporting is calculated and intentional.  

The fact of the matter is this:  the economy is headed "south,"  again.  That may be a temporary trend,  ending next week, BUT, it just might be indicative of a weakening  economy that will prove to be no friend of Barack Hussein.  Time will tell.  

April 21 _  first report for week ending on the 21st,  is 388,00 - the same initial report as last week's.  An adjustment [upward ?] will occur with next Thursdays report.  
April 14 - first report is 388,000 to be adjusted next Thursday.  Adjust  number is 389,000
April 7 :  first report is 380,000 off an estimate of 359,000. This number was adjusted up to 388,000 !!!
March 31:  first report was 357,000 but was adjusted upwards by 10,000 to 367,000
March 24 (week ending)  --  359,000,  adjusted up 11,000 from the first report of the week before.