Its not Obama. It really is about us -- spelled "U.S."

Over the course of the past 100 years of American politics,  Michael Medved points to "four elected chief executives in this century [who have]  failed in their reelection campaigns—and each of them flopped by landslide margins. For William Howard Taft in 1912, Herbert Hoover in 1932, Jimmy Carter in 1980, and George H.W. Bush in 1992, broken promises doomed their chances for another four-year term."  According to Medved,  each failed because each abandoned their core promise.  

Is it really about Barack Hussein
Obama, or or or . . . .

Or, the UNITED States of
America ??  The two flags
tell the story and represent
the problem. 
I personally believe we all have lost track of the core promise coming from the lips of Barack Hussein Obama.  From the very beginning,  there have been so many promises.  He promised to end taxation for seniors (oh yes he did).  He promised to search "line by line" as he worked diligently to reduce federal waste.  He promised the Hispanic community he would give them comprehensive immigration reform "by the end of my first term."  He promised tort reform and strong anti-lobbyist legislation.  He promised transparency and legislative postings five days before any congressional vote.   He promised a Stimulus bill that would quickly end the recession we are in.  He promised health care reform,  and, then,  turned that promise over to the two most undisciplined politicians on the planet, resulting in a bill that will collapse under its own weight,  even if the Supreme Court continues the law.  He has not made college education "cheaper" nor,  has he done a single thing to benefit his own race in terms of upward mobility and advancement into the middle or upper-middle class. 

I could go on,  but, first a question:  is any of this [the above] central to his critical promise  --  the promise that got him elected,  or did we just vote for the novelty of a young black president, only to continue to fear for our future and the health and well-being of this nation? 

No,  central to his monumental victory in 2008,  was his eloquent declaration of "Hope and Change."   The promises listed above and more,  are all side-lights to his promise to unite this nation.  He likened himself to President Reagan more than a few times, but has performed more like Hugo Chavez.  He declared his support for  a nation united,  "no longer red or blue,  but red, white and blue."  

The point of this post is found in the fact that Obama has done nothing to convince us to continue to trust him.  He left his core values behind many months ago,  and is now caught up with winning a victory for the sake of winning and nothing more.   

We have have lost our trust in the man that was voted into the presidency four years ago and that is a sad and hopeless matter.  

Time for talk is over; time for action has come.  Indeed !!!